Diocese of South-West Tanganyika

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The Anglican Diocese of South-West Tanganyika is one of 26 dioceses within the Anglican Church of Tanzania.[1]

It was created in 1952,[2] its first Bishop was Leslie Stradling.[3] After Michael Westall's return to the United Kingdom[4] the Episcopal See was vacant for a time before the appointment of John Simalenga.

The main diocese of the Iringa region centering on Iringa town itself is the Diocese of Ruaha. Its first Bishop, who has for many years also been the Archbishop of Tanzania, is Donald Mtetemela. The diocese is particularly well known for its pioneering work with disabled people, most especially through their Neema Crafts Centre. They are also heavily involved in rural development and have brought large-scale water supplies to several outlying areas. Their main offices are located in Iringa town behind the Neema Crafts building.