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Chosŏn'gŭl 안화사
Revised Romanization Anhwasa
McCune–Reischauer Anhwasa

Anhwa-sa is a Korean Buddhist temple located on Mt. Songak in the historic city of Kaesong, North Korea. Once one of the smallest of the many temples in Kaesong, today it is the only one to have survived the Korean War.


Anhwa Temple was founded under the Koryo dynasty in 930 AD.[1] Its location, on the south face of Mt. Songak, was specifically chosen for its good feng shui. During the Yi dynasty,the government funded several restorations of the buildings. The temple suffered some damage from US bombings during the Korean War, including the destruction of Myongbu Hall (殿). Today, there remains Taeung Hall (殿), the temple's main shrine; Obaek Hall (殿, "Hall of Five Hundred") filled with innumerable small Buddhist statues; and the monks' living quarters and kitchen. There is also a stone pagoda dating to the original Koryo-dynasty temple.


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Coordinates: 38°00′08″N 126°33′00″E / 38.0022°N 126.5500°E / 38.0022; 126.5500