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3D movie screening at the 2007 festival in Třeboň
Konzervatoř Teplice - Anifest 2010
Teplice - Anifest 2013

The 'International Festival of Animated Films AniFest is an international festival of animated films held annually in the Czech Republic. It was established in 2002 and has attracted more than twenty-thousand guests per year.[1]

It is a specialized competition festival of animated production for film professionals, artists and animation lovers that builds on the famous tradition of Czech animated film and offers a unique opportunity to become familiar with the best of contemporary world and Czech animation work. In addition to the competitive and non-competitive film events, the festival includes various theatre performances, exhibitions, concerts and discussions, parties and other cultural and social events.

In 2010, Anifest was in the North Bohemian city of Teplice. It marked the 100th birthday of legendary film director Karel Zeman[2] The AniFest 2010 juries consisted of personalities from the world of animation, including film directors, film artists, film historians and university professors from around the world.[2][3]

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