Anna Chudoba

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Anna Chudoba
Anna Chudoba 2008.jpg
Anna Chudoba attending the Benchwarmer Valentines Party at Area, Hollywood, CA on 02/12/2008
Occupation Actress / Talent Agency Owner

Anna Chudoba (born July 25, 1978) is a Polish born model featured on the NBC television show Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back, which aired in the summer of 2005. Anna had to choose from a bunch of "Average Joes" or handsome suitors—in the end she chose Nathan Griffin, an Average Joe, over model/actor Rocky Fain.

After Average Joe[edit]

Anna Recently set up AC Talent Agency which represents males and females in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Before Average Joe[edit]

The first television show Anna ever appeared on was Fear Factor in season 1 episode 4 as a contestant.

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