Annigoni: Portrait of an Artist

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Annigoni: Portrait of an Artist
Annigoni Portrait of an Artist.jpg
Film Poster
Directed by Stephen Smith
Produced by
  • Richard Bond
  • Stephen Smith
  • Duilio Ringressi
  • Amy C. Barnes
Written by Stephen Smith
Music by Stefano Burbi
Cinematography Duilio Ringressi
Release date
  • October 23, 1995 (1995-10-23)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Italy, Canada
Language English, Italian
English subtitles

Annigoni: Portrait of an Artist is a 1995 documentary film about the life and times of Italian portrait painter Pietro Annigoni.


Principal photography began in October 1990 in Florence, Italy, and lasted four years. Annigoni: Portrait of an Artist had its World Premiere on October 23, 1995, at the historic and largest movie theatre in Toronto, The Bloor Cinema. It played to sold out audiences during its entire week long run. It was followed by the Italian premiere in Florence, Italy. The Television Broadcast Premiere was on BRAVO! on March 3, 1996.


The film begins with a panoramic shot of dark rain clouds gathering over the city of Florence. The voice over of Pietro Annigoni strains from beyond, "I signed my work using the cipher C followed by three crosses representing the via cruicis, the hard road to the cross which the artist must travel." The story that follows is based on Annigoni's diaries, documenting his work, his travels, his loves but mostly his thoughts on life and art.

Major film locations[edit]

Original music soundtrack[edit]

Original music from Annigoni: Portrait of an Artist, performed in concert from Florence on YouTube.[1]

Stefano Burbi composed and conducted the award winning musical score for the film. His orchestra, The Orchestra da Camera Nova Harmonia di Firenze was created for the film and now continues as Mr. Burbi's orchestra. A sample of the soundtrack of Stefano Burbi: Suite dalle musiche per il film 'Annigoni: Portrait of an Artist' soundtrack can be found below in external links.

Burbi describes his inspiration for Annigoni as, "music of memory and nostalgia, it is melancholic because we remember, like Annigoni, a paradise lost".

Awards and honors[edit]


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