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Antal (also Andhak, Aundh, or Anlak), is gotra of Jatt and Rajput Kashyap. Antal is a Hindu caste under Rajput Kashyap clan found in Uttar Pradesh, Plain region of Uttarakhand, Haryana & Punjab.

History and origin[edit]

The Jat historian Thakur Deshraj identifies them with the amatae people of Sindh described by Megasthenes.[1]

Antal caste claim to be descended from Kashyap Rishi, who is said to have lived during the time of Lord Ram.

Present Circumstances[edit]

Kashyap Rajput community is divided into different clans such as the Antal, Badran, Baison, Bhatiara, Bhatti, Brahia, Khokhar, Chalag, Chauhan, Dhonchak, Dhora, Gadri, Hadda, Inan, Inar, Jalan, Jhoka, Kalan, tanwar and Tuar. They are a strictly endogamous, but practice clan exogamy. The community speaks Haryanvi, Dogri, Hindi etc., the Sikh kashyap also speaking Punjabi.


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