Antaqucha (Apurímac)

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This article is about the lake in the Apurímac Region, Peru. For other uses, see Antaqucha.
Location Apurímac Region, Andahuaylas Province, San Jerónimo District
Coordinates 13°46′5″S 73°13′24″W / 13.76806°S 73.22333°W / -13.76806; -73.22333Coordinates: 13°46′5″S 73°13′24″W / 13.76806°S 73.22333°W / -13.76806; -73.22333
Basin countries Peru

Antaqucha (Quechua anta copper, qucha lake, "copper lake", hispanicized spelling Antaccocha) is a lake in Peru. It is situated in the Apurímac Region, Andahuaylas Province, San Jerónimo District, southwest of the mountain Puka Wanaku (Quechua for "red guanaco", hispanicized Pucahuanaco).[1][2]

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