Antenna (GO!GO!7188 album)

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アンテナ (Antenna)
Antenna (GO!GO!7188 album).jpeg
Studio album by GO!GO!7188
Released 4 February 2009
Genre Rock
Label BMG Japan BVCR-18164 BVCR-18164/5
GO!GO!7188 chronology
アンテナ (Antenna)

Antenna (アンテナ, Antenna?) is the seventh studio album by Japanese rock band GO!GO!7188. The limited release first press also included a DVD featuring PV's for the single "Futashika Tashika" and a live performance, "Omata Kara no Live Eizou."

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Akko; all music composed by , except where otherwise noted.

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Chikyū Saigo no Hi (地球最後の日, The Earth's Last Day?)"     4:15
2. "Chin Ton Shan (ちんとんしゃん?)[1]"      
3. "Antenna (アンテナ?)"     4:11
4. "Futashika Tashika (ふたしかたしか, Unclear, Clear?)"     7:07
5. "Tobihane March (飛び跳ねマーチ, Flying March?)"     4:13
6. "Kuwazu Girai (食わずギライ, Food Aversion?)"     4:46
7. "Kataomoi Fighter (片思いファイター, Unrequited Love Fighter?)"     3:55
8. "On the Mayuge ~Kirisugite~ (On the まゆ毛 ~切りすぎて~, On the Eyebrow: Sliced?)"     4:32
9. "Communication Gap (コミュニケーションギャップ?)"     3:20
10. "Manten no Hoshi Haru no Niwa (満天の星 春の庭, Starry Sky, Spring Garden?)"     5:55
11. "Hamori Everyday (ハモリエヴリデイ, Harmori Everyday?)"     3:41
12. "Ame no Hi Dake no Koi (雨の日だけの恋, Love on Just a Rainy Day?)" Turkey, Akko Turkey 4:16

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ The onomatopoeic sound of the strum of a shamisen

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