Anthonie Blocklandt van Montfoort

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Anthonie Blocklandt van Montfoort
Anthonie van Blocklandt.jpg
Anthonie Blocklandt van Montfoort
Born1533 or 1534
Died18 October 1583
Known forPainting

Anthonie Blocklandt van Montfoort, Anthonie van Blocklandt or Anthonie van Montfoort (1533 or 1534 - 18 October 1583) was a Dutch painter.


"Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream" by Anthonie van Montfoort (Centraal Museum)

He was born in Montfoort, where his father was at one time mayor. He went to learn under Hendrick Sweersz. in Delft and Frans Floris in Antwerp. In 1552 he returned to Montfoort, where he married the daughter of the then mayor.

Blocklandt then settled in Delft, where he produced paintings for the Oude Kerk and the Nieuwe Kerk, later lost to the beeldenstorm. Also he painted a work for the Janskerk (Gouda) called De onthoofding van Saint-Jacob, now in the museum there. He died in Utrecht.

In 1572, Blocklandt made a trip to Italy, after which he settled for good in Utrecht, joining a guild there in 1577. In 1579, he painted his best known work, the triptych The Assumption of Mary that is now in the Basilica of St. Martin in Bingen am Rhein.

According to Carel van Mander, Blocklandt painted biblical scenes, mythological subjects and portraits. He is early-Mannerist in style and he and Joos de Beer (another pupil of Floris) were responsible for the Mannerist style begun by Utrecht artists around 1590.[1] Van Mander wrote that De Beer had many paintings by Blocklandt in his workshop that his pupil Abraham Bloemaert later copied.[2] Few works can definitely be attributed to him. One of these is "Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream", now in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

He was also the teacher of the Delft portrait painter Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt.[1]


Painting Title Country Place Museum
Anthonie van Blocklandt - Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream.jpg Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream Flag of the Netherlands.svg The Netherlands Utrecht Centraal Museum
Anthonie van Blocklandt - De opstanding van Christus.jpg De opstanding van Christus Flag of the Netherlands.svg The Netherlands Utrecht Centraal Museum
Anthonie van Blocklandt - Aanbidding der herders.jpg Aanbidding der herders Flag of the Netherlands.svg The Netherlands Amsterdam Rijksmuseum
Radtour 2010 07 31 008-detail.JPG Assumption of Mary Flag of Germany.svg Germany Bingen am Rhein Kerk
Blocklandt.jpg Aphrodite disarms Eros Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic Prague Nationale Galerie
Lille PdBA blocklandt bapteme christ.jpg Baptism of Jesus Flag of France.svg France Lille Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille
Portrait of a Lady, Three Quarter Length, in a Ruff with Matching Lace Cap and Cuffs by Anthonie Blocklandt.jpg Portrait of a Lady, three quarter length, in a ruff with matching lace cap and cuffs Flag of the United States.svg United States


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