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Anthony Asael
Born (1974-11-19) 19 November 1974 (age 40)
Brussels, Belgium
Education Solvay Business School
Occupation Photographer, Explorer
Years active 2000–present

Anthony Asael (born 1974) is a well recognized international photographer and part of Corbis agency. He is one of the very few people who has visited each of the 193 countries of the world. He is of Turkish and Italian origin. He is also the founder of the not-for-profit organization Art in All of Us.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

His passion for photography began very early - at 9 years old, he was already developing his black and white work in a lab. Over the next few years, he was given the opportunity to travel on several occasions with Ruggero Gabbai – a professional Italian photographer and film director - as his personal assistant.

Art in All of Us[edit]

A graduate of Solvay Business School in Belgium, he held management positions at various IT and telecommunication companies. In 2004 he decided to change life and he’s been dedicating 100% of his time to the nonprofit sector. He founded Art in All of Us [1] that promotes tolerance and cultural exchanges.[2] He is now dedicated to accomplishing the mission of this organization, aiming at stimulating creativity and curiosity of children of the world. Having traveled throughout the world and met different cultures, Asael aims at building more tolerance through ARTistic communication. He wants Art in All of Us to be the international platform of art exchanges among children from all the countries of the world. The mission of Art in All of Us is to promote tolerance and creative cultural exchange throughout the 192 UN member countries, using universal language of Art.[3] Asael believes that the construction of a better and fair world needs to go through the education of the less advantaged person. Therefore, Art in All of Us decided to focus the project on children, since in most countries they are only considered as half a person, and do not benefit from the right to express themselves. The expected AiA World Art Book Program of Art in All of Us was published and launched the 20 of November 2009 at the United Nations in the frame of the 20 years anniversary of the Children Rights Convention. It presents in one book each and every of the 192 UN member countries through a single portrait of a resident, a drawing and a poetry done by a local child.[4]


Today, Asael enjoys seeing passers-by examine his portraits with delight, such as his famous exhibitions of "Colors and Scents", "The 8 Millennium Goals", "Children Rights", "Know your World" and the "Children World Art Tour".[5] His artwork is featured in many different continents around the world. He has featured in 2006-2008 an exhibition on the Millennium Goals in Brussels,[6] Milan (Italy), Antwerp (Belgium), Toronto (Canada), New York and Santiago (Chile) for the 60th anniversary of the Unicef. Other recent exhibitions can be seen in Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Cologne, Toronto, New York. In 2012, his work has been honored at the World Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea and in Rio de Janeiro for the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Asael's artwork and photography have been shown in over 80 exhibitions since 2000.[7]

Awards and recognition[edit]

He has taught photography to over 155,000 children in over 1650 schools thanks to Art in All of Us partnerships like with the UNICEF or SOS Children Villages.[8]

He and Art in All of Us has also been honored by being invited by the UNICEF to exhibit in the UNICEF headquarters for the 20 years anniversary of the Children Rights Convention.[9] In 2009, he also won the first Prize of the Kodak Smile Festival in Paris.[10]


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