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MUSIC Anti-Everything 3.jpg
Riaz Ali, Jon Otway, Bryan Khan, Allan Bachan 2019
Background information
OriginTrinidad and Tobago
GenresPunk rock
Years active2000-
LabelsBoatshrimp Records
MembersBryan "Blinky" Khan (vocals)
Riaz Amir Ali (guitar)
Syam Nath (guitar)
Allan "Alloz" Bachan (bass)
Jon "Otto" Otway (drums)
Randy Ali (guitar, trombone, steel pan)
Past membersAdam Arneaud († 2003) (bass)

Anti-Everything is a punk band from Trinidad and Tobago.


Anti-Everything was founded in 2000 in St. Joseph, about 11 km east of the capital Port of Spain. At this time all members still were teenagers, and the band name was chosen due to a general attitude of denial.


Anti-Everything play punk rock with elements of alternative rock. The band names several punk bands as influential - old school (Black Flag, Minor Threat) and new school (Pennywise, Strike Anywhere). In addition, the band names calypso interpreters as influential as in the past they were not afraid to broach controversial issues which were tabooed in public at that time.[1] References to reggae, dub and ska can be found, and occasionally a steel pan is being used.[2] The lyrics of Anti-Everything mainly deal with political and social conflicts, often touching their home country Trinidad and Tobago. A minor part of their lyrics deals with personal topics such as the search for an identity, or has a pure fun character.
Anti-Everything is the only punk band in Trinidad and Tobago.[1][3]



  • 2009: The International Conspiracy to Push You Down (Boatshrimp Records)
  • 2011: Children of a Globalised World (Boatshrimp Records)


  • 2010: Decision 2010 (Boatshrimp Records)
  • 2010: Please Do Your Job (Properly) (Boatshrimp Records)
  • 2015: A Folly of Its Own (Boatshrimp Records)
  • 2017: Harbour Ties (Boatshrimp Records)
  • 2018: Congestión (Boatshrimp Records)

Sampler Contributions[edit]

  • 2007: Boatshrimp Records Sampler Volume 1 (Boatshrimp Records, track "Way Too Long")
  • 2007: Boatshrimp Records Sampler Volume 2 (Boatshrimp Records, tracks "Jimmy" and "Crowded")
  • 2007: Greenlight Network Vol. 1 (Greenlight Network, track "The Way We Choose to Live Our Lives")[4]
  • 2011: Punktology Vol. 1 (Punk Outlaw Records, tracks "New Generation" and "Ratchet Design")
  • 2012: Hardcore 4 Syria (Hardcore 4 Syria, track "Gravity On Hold")

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