Anti-Meridian (album)

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Anti-Meridian (album).jpeg
Studio album by Brave Saint Saturn
Released September 15, 2008
Recorded Singing Serpent Labs (NYC)
One Way Studio (SFO)
Department of Biophysics (DEN)
Signal Flow Audio (DEN)
Genre Astro-Rock, Christian Rock
Length 71:32
Label Department of Biophysics
Producer Masaki Liu, Reese Roper, Dennis Culp
Brave Saint Saturn chronology
The Light of Things Hoped For

Anti-Meridian is the third studio album from the band Brave Saint Saturn. The album's title is the reference to the fictional energy source created in the album's story. It is also a play on the word "ante-meridian", or "AM", referring to the hours of the day before noon.

Saturn's Fist (Radio Campaign)[edit]

Shortly following the release of Anti-Meridian, The song "Mercenary" was submitted to the Clear Channel website where the top unsigned artists on the site will be considered for radio air time by Clear Channel, who runs many of the major radio stations throughout America. Fans then created "Saturn's Fist - The BS2 Mercenary Army," a site that opens the music player for the clear channel contest and the page automatically refreshes every time the song finishes. Many fans have been using this site to help BS2 climb the charts in hopes that the song will get some radio air-time.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Here Is the News" (originally written & recorded by ELO; spoken prologue from And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Dylan Thomas)
  2. "Mercenary" (Roper)
  3. "Starling" (Roper)
  4. "Underground" (Culp)
  5. "When You Burn Too Fast" (Roper)
  6. "Through Depths of Twilight" (Roper)
  7. "Hero's Homecoming" (Culp)
  8. "AMMODRAMUS" (Roper)
  9. "Fields of the Fallen" (Culp)
  10. "Always Just Beneath the Dawn" (Roper)
  11. "Fortress of Solitude" (Roper)
  12. "Blessed are the Land Mines" (Roper (lyrics) and Verdecchio (music))
  13. "AEGOLIUS" (Culp)
  14. "Begin Again" (Culp)
  15. "These Frail Hands" (Roper)
  16. "INVICTUS" (Roper)
  17. "Hidden Track" (Culp)


Additional personnel[edit]

  • Masaki Liu – guitars and programming
  • Micah Ortega – guitars (on "Mercenary")
  • Sam Hernandez and Jonathan Byrnside – bass
  • Justin McRoberts – background vocals (on "Underground")
  • Amy Roper – background vocals (on "INVICTUS")
  • Peter Rollo and Reese Roper – art direction
  • Peter Rollo – graphic design

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