Antoine de Noailles

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Coat of arms of the counts and dukes of Noailles (gules, a bend or).

Antoine, 1st comte de Noailles (4 September 1504 – 11 March 1562) became admiral of France, and was ambassador in England during three important years, 1553–1556, maintaining a gallant but unsuccessful rivalry with the Spanish ambassador, Simon Renard.[1]

Antoine was the eldest of three brothers who served as French diplomats, three of the 19 children of Louis de Noailles and Catherine de Pierre-Buffière.[2]

His career started at the age of 25 with a trip with Francis de la Tour, Viscount of Turenne, to Spain to arrange the marriage of Francis I of France with Eleanor of Austria, and he signed the final marriage contract. He then helped in the Italian wars and two missions to Scotland in 1548.[3]

His brothers Gilles and François were clergymen.[4] His wife was Jeanne de Gontaut, who following his death, became a lady-in-waiting to Catherine de Medici.


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