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Antoine Magnol (1676 – March 10, 1759) was a French physician and botanist born in Montpellier. He was the son of the notable botanist Pierre Magnol (1638–1715).

In 1696 he obtained his medical doctorate, and in 1715 became a full professor at the University of Montpellier.[1] Antoine Magnol maintained a professorship at Montpellier in an official capacity for many years.

Published works[edit]

He is known for posthumous edition of his father's works, especially the 1720 publication of Novus caracter [sic] plantarum.[2] Other written works associated with Antoine Magnol include:

  • Quaestio medica : an diaphoretica lethargo, (1710; August Moreau, thesis/dissertation).
  • Dissertatio de naturali secretione bilis in jecore (Montpellier, 1719; Bernard de Jussieu, dissertation, Antoine Magnol: praeses).
  • Quaestio medico-chirurgica, an cataractae confirmatae, operatio chirurgica unicum remedium, (1731; Pierre Laulanié: respondent, dissertation).
  • De natura et causis fluiditatis sanguinis naturalis et deperditæ (Montpellier, 1741, with Louis Laugier).[3][4]


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