Antoine Rufenacht

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Antoine Rufenacht
Mayor of Le Havre
In office
Preceded by Daniel Colliard
Succeeded by Édouard Philippe
Personal details
Born (1939-05-11) 11 May 1939 (age 77)
Le Havre, France
Nationality French
Political party The Republicans
Alma mater ÉNA

Antoine Rufenacht (born 11 May 1939 in Le Havre) is a French right-wing (The Republicans) politician and former mayor of Le Havre.[1]

He took the mayoral seat from Daniel Colliard (PCF) at the municipal election of 1995 and was reelected both in 2001, with a comfortable majority, and in 2008, against Daniel Paul (also PCF). He was also president of the local city community (called Communauté d'Agglomération Havraise - CODAH) which groups several municipalities around Le Havre,

A former student of ENA, he was a junior minister (Secrétaire d'État) in the government of Barre, President of the regional council of Upper Normandy, and also a deputy.

Rufenacht's political career began in the then Gaullist party, the Union for French Democracy (UDF), and he remained in its successor parties, the Rally for the Republic (RPR), the UMP, and most recently, from 2015, the Republicans. In the presidential election of 1981 he backed the former Gaullist prime minister Michel Debre for the presidency against his own party leader, Jacques Chirac, but supported Chirac in 1988 and 1995 and served successfully as his campaign manager for the presidential election of 2002.

With Jacques Barrot, he was seen as one of several possible successors of Dominique de Villepin as Prime Minister of France.

In October 2010, he resigned from his post as mayor of Le Havre to be replaced by Edouard Phllippe.