Anton Bourguignon von Baumberg

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Anton Bourguignon von Baumberg
Born (1808-06-08)June 8, 1808
Heřmanův Městec, Austrian Empire
Died May 28, 1879(1879-05-28) (aged 70)
Pula, Austria-Hungary
Resting place Pula, Croatia
Residence Pula
Occupation Admiral
Years active 1825 - 1879
Employer Austrian Navy

Anton Bourguignon von Baumberg (born in Heřmanův Městec, Austrian Empire, 8 June 1808 – 28 May 1879 in Pula, Austro-Hungarian Empire) was an Austro-Hungarian admiral.


Bourguignon von Baumberg started his career in the navy in 1825, and, in 1857, he was ranked as a commander. He remained at this rank until the year 1859. In 1864, he was ranked as first admiral of Pula, where he stayed until his death. Two years after his admiral ranking, he was assigned as the main guardian of Pula's military structures. He was in charge of organizing Pula's arsenal, which helped to strengthen the Austrian Empire naval fleet before the Third Italian War of Independence in 1866. At that time, the Italian fleet had been defeated. Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria promoted him from the highest-ranking Austrian lieutenant to admiral in 1875. He is buried in the navy graveyard in Pula.

Fort Monsival, a fort in Pula, was renamed Fort Bourguignon in 1869 in his honor.