Anton Ivanov-Goluboy

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Fishing Vessels off a Jetty, believed to be Kostroma, 1839

Anton Ivanovich Ivanov-Goluboy (Russian: Антон Иванович Иванов-Голубой; 1818-December 6 [O.S. 24 November] 1863) was a Russian painter.


Anton Ivanov was born a serf in a village of Kozakovo, Vladimir gubernia. From 1833 he studied painting in Saint Petersburg with Chernetsov's brothers. In 1838 he accompanied them on a trip on Volga River. In 1841 he was redeemed from serfdom by Chernetsov's brothers. From 1841 to 1849 he was a pensioner of the Imperial Academy of Arts. From 1846 he lived in Italy. He died in Rome and buried at the Monte-Testacho cemetery.

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