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Anton Popovič (27 July 1933 – 24 June 1984) was a fundamental Slovak translation scientist and text theoretician.


He belonged to the school of Nitra. He was among the first to apply semiotic theory to the study of translation in his book Teória umeleckého prekladu [Theory of artistic translation], 1975. Considering translation a particular case of metacommunication, he proposed the terms "prototext" and "metatext" as alternatives to what are most commonly known as the "source text" and the "target text". He also coined the term "translationality" (prekladovosť), signifying the features of a text that denounce it as a translated text, and the term "creolization", meaning something in between a source culture text and a target culture text. His books have been translated into Italian, German and Russian.


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