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Antonio Amico was a Roman Catholic Canon of Palermo, and ecclesiastical historian of Syracuse and Messina, (died 1641).[1]

He wrote also on the royal house and the admirals of Sicily.

Among his works is a "Brevis et exacta narratio . . . . Siciliæ regum annales ab anno 1060 usque ad præsens sæculum" (Giraud, Bibl. Sacr., I, 438).--BERNARDINO (d. 1590), a Neapolitan Franciscan, prior of his convent at Jerusalem, and author of a "Trattato delle piante ed immagini de' sacri edifizi in Jerusalemme" (Rome, 1609; 2d ed., Florence, 1620), of value for the appearance of the Holy Places in the sixteenth century. The drawings are by Callot (Fulcran Vigouroux, Dictionnaire de la Bible, I, 483).


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