Antonio de Bellis

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Rest on the Flight into Egypt.

Antonio de Bellis (c. 1616 - c. 1656) was an Italian painter from Naples, active in the Baroque period. Along with Jusepe de Ribera, Bernardo Cavallino and Massimo Stanzioni he was one of the major artists working in Naples in the first half of the seventeenth century, under the influence of the painter Caravaggio.

He worked on the paintings on the Life of St. Charles in the church of San Carlo alle Mortelle in Naples. Other autograph works are the Scene of a sacrifice in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Finding of Moses the National Gallery, London and The Liberation of St. Peter at Whitfield Fine Art, London.

There are two works known that are signed with the artist's monogram ADB, one in a private collection and the other is Rest on the Flight into Egypt at Whitfield Fine Art, London.


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