Anubis en het Pad der 7 Zonden

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Anubis: Het pad der 7 zonden
Directed by Dennis Bots
Written by Alexandra Penrhyn Lowe
Anjali Taneja
Starring Achmed Akkabi
Vincent Banic
Loek Beernink
Filip Bolluyt
Music by Olaf Janssens
Edited by Jan Goossen
Release date
  • 8 October 2008 (2008-10-08) (Netherlands)
Country Belgium and Netherlands
Language Dutch

Anubis en het Pad der 7 Zonden (translation:Anubis and the Path of 7 Sins) is a Belgian and Dutch film version of the children's television show Het Huis Anubis. It is directed by Dennis Botts, with a screenplay by Alexandra Penrhyn and Anjali Taneja, and a music score by Olaf Janssens. Starring Achmed Akkabi, Vincent Banic, Loek Beernink and Filip Bolluyt, it was first released on 8 October 2008 in the Netherlands and was the most financially successful Dutch film of 2008.[1][2][3][4]


  • Loek Beernink: Nienke Martens
  • Iris Hesseling: Amber Rosenbergh
  • Lucien van Geffen: Fabian Ruitenburg
  • Vincent Banic: Mick Zeelenberg
  • Vreneli van Helbergen: Patricia Soeters
  • Marieke Westernenk: Joyce van Bodegraven
  • Achmed Akkabi: Appie Tahibi
  • Sven de Wijn: Jeroen Cornelissen
  • Gamze Tazim: Noa van Rijn

Minor Characters[edit]

  • Walter Crommelin: Victor Emmanuel Rodenmaar
  • Ton Feil: Ari van Swieten
  • Egbert Jan Weeber: Rohan de Beaufort
  • Maryam Hassouni: Charlotte de Beaufort


A group of friends go on a school trip to Croatia, but when the bus breaks down, they find themselves in a haunted village and are then sent to another dimension in a medieval time-zone. To save themselves and return home, they must follow a path and fulfil seven tasks based on the seven deadly sins.[5]

Path of 7 Sins[edit]

The path consists of seven tasks: a sin per task. When you make a mistake, you will fossilize.


Task 1: Wrath[edit]

A construction of spears with a key in the center. When someone feels angry, a spear will move towards the person who tries to get the key. This key is needed for task 3

Task 2: Lust[edit]

A garden full of nymphs trying to seduce you. Noa fossilizes here by touching the nymph seducing Jeroen.

Task 3: Sloth[edit]

A locked cave with magic stones. These stones take the shape of an object which can be found back on a wheel. The wheel must be turned to open the door. Mick fossilizes here by stopping the falling stone. Joyce also fossilizes because she runs back and touches Mick's statue

Task 4: Pride[edit]

A swamp with a monster fish. The mud is very deep and the monster fish is dangerous.

Task 5: Gluttony[edit]

A table full of delicious food. Appie fossilizes here by eating a jam cookie.

Task 6: Greed[edit]

A room full of dresses and nice clothes. Amber fossilizes here by taking something.

Final Task: Envy[edit]

A duel against Count Rohan. He starts striking. If you strike back, you will fossilize.


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