Aoi sanmyaku

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Aoi sanmyaku
Yoko Sugi and Setsuko Hara in Aoi Sanmyaku.jpg
Japanese 青い山脈
Hepburn Aoi Sanmyaku
Directed by Tadashi Imai
Produced by Fuji Productions and Toho
Written by Toshirō Ide (writer)
Yōjirō Ishizaka (novel)
Release date
  • July 19, 1949 (1949-07-19)[1]
Running time
92 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Aoi sanmyaku (青い山脈), literally: Blue Mountain Range, is a 1949 black-and-white Japanese film directed by Tadashi Imai. Its theme was sung by Ichiro Fujiyama and Mitsue Nara.[2]

It is an adaptation of 1949 novel Blue Mountain Range (青い山脈 Aoi sanmyaku) by Yōjirō Ishizaka.


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