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Type of business Private
Available in Multilingual
Headquarters Milan and Catania, Italy
Area served Worldwide
Key people Daniele Pelleri and Luigi Giglio
Employees 30+
Users 800,000+
Launched April 2010

AppsBuilder is an Italian self-service app creator that allows users with no coding skills to build native applications and HTML5 web apps in the cloud, deliver them to seven different operating systems and distribute them on the major application stores.


AppsBuilder is a crossplatform tool to create, edit and distribute mobile apps compatible with the major devices on the mobile market: iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet and HTML 5 WebApps (mobile sites).[1]

Its services are mainly addressed to private phone owners and SME, and rely on a cloud-based system, with analytics allowing users to monitor in real time their application’s rates and trends. The platform offers also several additional marketing tools to monetize mobile applications, such as QR code generators, geolocalized couponing, in-app subscriptions and the opportunity to join mobile advertising networks such as iAD and inMobi – to integrate banners into applications and get new revenue streams.

Users can either follow the submission process by themselves or have the firm handle the process for them. The firm has also developed a white label content management system (CMS), for users who create multiple log-in accounts to manage their clients’ applications and customize their layout.


The project was initiated in April 2010 by two computer engineers Daniele Pelleri and Luigi Giglio, who opened their first office in Milan, Italy, followed by a branch office in Catania.[2] They obtained financing from the venture capitalists Massimiliano Magrini (Annapurna Ventures CEO) and Mario Mariani (The Net Value CEO).[3] In 2012, they obtained further support from a €1.5 million funding[4] by the venture capital funds Vertis Venture and Zernike Meta Ventures.[5][6]


As a successful case history in the digital startup field,[7] AppsBuilder has been invited to Wake up Italy! (Boston, 9–11 November 2012),[8] TechCrunch Italy (Rome, 27 September 2012).[9] Vedrò (Dro, 26–29 August 2012), VIII Edition.[10] Social Media Week (Milan, 19–23 September 2011), TechCrunch Disrupt 2013[11] (New York, 28 April - 1 May 2013),[12] and WWWorkers Camp (Bologna, 8–9 May 2013)


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