April 1 Vidudala

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April 1st Vidudala
April 1 Vidudala.jpg
VHS Cover
Directed byVamsy
Produced byP. V. Bhaskar Reddy
Written byL. B. Sriram (dialogues)
Screenplay byVamsy
Story byVamsy
StarringRajendra Prasad
Music byIlaiyaraaja
CinematographyM. V. Raghu
Edited byUma Shankar Babu
Poorna Teja Creations & Sri Sravanthi Movies (presents)
Release date
  • 1 February 1991 (1991-02-01)
Running time
146 min

April 1 Vidudala (English: Freed on April 1st) is a 1991 Telugu comedy film produced by P. V. Bhaskar Rao under the Poorna Teja Creations banner, presented by Sri Sravanthi Movies and directed by Vamsy.[1] It stars Rajendra Prasad and Shobhana in the lead roles, with music composed by Ilaiyaraaja.[2] The film was recorded as a Super Hit at the box office. The film was remade in Tamil as Sathyavan, starring Murali and Gautami, in Kannada as Mr. Harishchandra, starring Mohan and Anu Prabhakar and in Odia as Jabardast Premika, starring Babushan and Jhilik Bhattacharjee.


The story starts with Divakaram (Rajendra Prasad) coming late to video-shoot a marriage, where he sees Bhuvaneshwari(Shobana) and falls head over heels in love. He then gets hold of Bhuvaneshwari's maternal uncle, V. P. Jagannatham (Pradeep Shakti) and gets information about Bhuvaneshwari. He gathers that she respects only people who are self-sufficient and straightforward. He also finds out that she is not married and is about to get transferred to Rajahmundry (where he stays) soon. She works as a railway booking clerk. So Divakaram comes back to Rajahmundry and gets permission from the doctor (Shubha), who raises him as her foster child, to use the front veranda in her house for his video shop. In order to secure the capital, he uses all kinds of tricks. He blackmails Bhagyam[(jayalalita)], cheats Chinna Rao (Mallikarjuna Rao) and claims a chit which he never was a member of, and so on. Finally starts the video shop. That's when Bhuvaneswari enters the scene. All the while Jagannatham writes him letters in her name, making Divakaram assume that she is in love with him. Finally, when she lands in Rajahmundry he approaches for marriage. It's then that he realizes that he had been cheated by Jagannatham. Meanwhile, she finds out all of Divakaram's mischief through the neighbors. To teach him a lesson, she puts forward a deal that she would marry him only if he stays out of cheating, and does not utter a lie in a month. Divakaram goes for it. Here we see all the problems of Divakaram gets into because of the deal he had with Bhuvaneshwari. He discloses the murder done by his friend. This enrages his friend who comes out of jail as there is no proof of his murder. In the climax, his friend is killed and Divakaram goes to jail but is acquitted as Dr. Krupa Mani (Shubha) confesses to the murder as an act of self-defense and he comes back to win the hand of Bhuvaneshwari.


Divakaram (Rajendra Prasad): Goes to any extent to get his things done. He is sincere in his love and comes what may determine to keep his words to prove his love. In this process, he suffers in the end for his mischiefs in the past. He doesn't have any intentions of harming anyone with his acts. Rajendra Prasad far exceeds expectations.

Bhuvaneshwari (Shobana): She works as a Railway Booking Clerk. She is very straightforward and doesn't like anyone to go against the rules. This we can see in her introductory scene, where she goes against dowry. Her helping nature also establishes in the first shot. Also her intelligent and other qualities. She makes the deal with Divakaram to get rid of him, but finally falls in love with him seeing his sincerity.

Gopi Chand (Krishna Bhagavan): He is a friend of Divakaram. By the words of the colony people and Divakaram we got to know about his business and he kills his friend when he refuses to marry his sister after having an affair with her. Finally, he is killed at the hands of the doctor played by Shubha, for which Divakaram goes to jail.

Chinna Rao (Mallikarjuna Rao): He is in love with Jayalalita, even though he is already married twice and he thinks he is a superstar and wants to marry her. In that process, he gets cheated by Divakaram and finally when reformed, Divakaram comes to give him the money, he dies of a heart attack due to the shock.

Neighbour (Y. Vijaya): Runs the chit fund company illegally. She, in greed of money, gives the loan to Divakaram and gets cheated and tries to take revenge on him. Sakshi Ranga Rao plays her husband in the film. Divakaram dramatically cheats them with the Dubai TV.

Bhagyam (Jayalalita): She has an affair with the neighbour and has a son, she gets blackmailed because of this from Divakaram along with the neighbour.

V. P. Jagannatham (Pradeep Shakti): He is Bhuvaneswari's Uncle. He is a bachelor and helps Divakaram to get married to Bhuvaneshwari.

Dr. Krupa Mani (Shubha): She is a Doctor by profession and she raises Divakaram as her own son. She kills Gopichand in order to save Divakaram.

There are other characters like Rallapalli (as Sharma), Sakshi Ranga Rao (as Murthy), Jayavijaya (as Shobana's mother), Kallu Chidambaram and character artist and comedian L.B. Sriram (who is the dialogue writer for the movie) appears in a single scene as the barber.

The film was shot in one location in the space of two weeks.



April 1 Vidudala
Film score by
LabelECHO Audio
Ilaiyaraaja chronology
Aditya 369
April 1 Vidudala

Music was composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. All songs are blockbusters. Music was released on ECHO Audio Company.[4] The song "Chukkalu Temmanna" was reused from Raja's own song "Chithirai Sevvanam", which was composed for Kaatrinile Varum Geetham.

1."Themanna"Sirivennela Sitarama SastryMano, Chitra5:09
2."Okkate Aasa"Sirivennela Sitarama SastrySP Balu, Chitra4:43
3."Neejamante"Sirivennela Sitarama SastryMano5:00
4."Ompula Vaikhari"Sirivennela Sitarama SastrySP Balu, Chitra5:04
5."Matante Matenanta"VennelakantiSP Balu, Chitra5:00
Total length:25:09


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