Aquarium du Grand Lyon

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Aquarium du Grand Lyon
Inside the aquarium
LocationLyon, France
Coordinates45°43′32″N 4°48′51″E / 45.72556°N 4.81417°E / 45.72556; 4.81417Coordinates: 45°43′32″N 4°48′51″E / 45.72556°N 4.81417°E / 45.72556; 4.81417
No. of animals5,000[1]
No. of species300[1]
Volume of largest tank450,000 l (99,000 imp gal; 120,000 US gal)[1]
Total volume of tanksMore than 1,000,000 l (220,000 imp gal; 260,000 US gal)[1]
OwnerAspro Parks
The wreckage of sharks
A female octopus making a wall to block access to the cave

The Aquarium du Grand Lyon or Aquarium de Lyon is a public aquarium[2] located in the La Mulatière district of the city of Lyon, France, near the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers in the Rhône department. Like the Aqualand parks elsewhere in Europe, it belongs to the Spanish group Aspro-Ocio.[3]

Created by Maurice Chichportiche and opened in October 2002,[2] the aquarium has 47 tanks with a total of more than 1,000,000 litres (220,000 imp gal; 260,000 US gal) of water, showing visitors 5,000 fish and other aquatic animals representing 300 species.[1]

The largest aquarium is called "Fosse Aux Requins" which houses sharks and rays. It contains a false shipwreck in polyurethane resin (the iron would have rusted and the rust is toxic to fishes). Its glass is 23 centimetres thick to resist the water pressure.

The aquarium is divided into five sectors:

  • local wildlife (including a very large 2-meter long catfish, carps, pikes...)
  • temperate waters
  • tropical waters
  • tropical seas
  • shark pit

The aquarium has a space called "The Five Senses" where visitors are able to touch some fishes (turbot) and other animals (sea star, hermit crab).


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