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Aqueduct may refer to:


  • Aqueduct (bridge), a bridge to convey water over an obstacle, such as a ravine or valley
  • Navigable aqueduct, or water bridge, a structure to carry navigable waterway canals over other rivers, valleys, railways or roads
  • Aqueduct (water supply), a watercourse constructed to convey water
    • Acequia, a community-operated watercourse used in Spain and former Spanish colonies in the Americas
    • Aryk, an artificial channel for redirecting water in Central Asia and other countries
    • Elan aqueduct carries water to Birmingham
    • Levada, an irrigation channel or aqueduct specific to the Portuguese island of Madeira
    • Puquios, underground water systems in Chile and Peru
  • Roman aqueduct, water supply systems constructed during the Roman Empire





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