Aqui na Terra

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Aqui na Terra (Here on Earth)
Directed by João Botelho
Written by João Botelho
Starring Luís Miguel Cintra
Jessica Weiss/Voz de Maria João Luís
Pedro Hestnes
Rita Dias
Music by António Pinho Vargas
Cinematography Elso Roque
Distributed by Marfilmes
Release date
October 14, 1993
Running time
105 min
Country Portugal
Language Portuguese

Aqui na Terra (Here on Earth) (1993) it's a Portuguese film directed by João Botelho.



Miguel is a successful economist until his father's death plunges him into a strange obscure world of fears, eerie sounds and psychological isolation. He quits his job, drifts away from his wife and initiates a process of physical disintegration. He will touch the bottom before he starts seeing the light. And, as an echo to his journey, we follow, faraway in the countryside, the story of a crime and its redemption, the story of António and Cecília. From death to the miracle of life, here on earth.



  • Director: João Botelho
  • Cinematographer: Elso Roque
  • Editing: José Nascimento
  • Sound: Vasco Pimentel
  • Production Design: Ana Vaz da Silva
  • Score: António Pinho Vargas
  • Costume Design: Manuela Aires, Rita Lopes Alves
  • Makeup: Margarida Miranda

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