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Archgoat performing live at the Black Flames of Blasphemy Festival in 2009
Background information
Origin Turku, Finland[1]
Genres Black metal[1]
Years active 1989–1993[2]
Labels Necropolis, Hammer of Hate, Blasphemous Underground, Debemur Morti Productions
Associated acts Torture Killer
Members Lord Angelslayer
Ritual Butcherer
Sinister Karppinen

Archgoat is a black metal group from Finland formed in 1989 by brothers Ritual Butcherer on guitar and Lord Angelslayer on bass and vocals.[1] The members of Archgoat openly identify with the philosophy of Satanism and the Occult as expressed in their lyrical content,[3] which also consists of anti-Christian themes.[2]


Archgoat formed in 1989 in Turku, Finland, though they did not release their first recording, titled Jesus Spawn, until 1991.[1] Then in 1992, the band landed a record contract with Necropolis Records.[2] In 1993, their MLP, Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration), was released.[2] Later that year Archgoat entered into a full-time studio deal with Necropolis.[2] However, after their recording sessions, a disagreement with terms of their contract resulted in the band refusing to release the finished material to the public.[3]

In 1993, Archgoat began an extensive hiatus, citing their belief that they did not belong in a "commercial" black metal scene.[2] The band did not reform until 2004, when they released their 1993 material as a 7" EP, titled Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal, through Hammer of Hate Records.[1] Their show, First Live Black Mass, concert was recorded in Finland in 2005.[3] Drummer Sinister Karppinen became the band's permanent drummer in this time. Their debut LP Whore of Bethlehem was released in September 2006, and they embarked on a European tour in spring 2007 with Black Witchery. A live split of this tour was released as Desecration & Sodomy in 2008.

Their latest album, titled The Light-Devouring Darkness was released on February 9, 2009; their newest EP, titled Heavenly Vulva, was released in October 2011.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Whore of Bethlehem (2006)
  • The Light-Devouring Darkness (February 2009)
  • The Apocalyptic Triumphator (January 2015)


  • Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration) (1993)
  • Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal (2004)
  • Heavenly Vulva (October 2011)


  • Jesus Spawn (1991)
  • Penis Perversor (1993)

Live albums[edit]

  • Archgoat and Black Witchery (2008)

Split album[edit]

  • Messe Des Morts / Angel Cunt (1999) (with Beherit)


Current members[edit]

  • Angelslayer "Growls of the Fullmoon" (vocals and bass guitar) - 1989–1993, 2004–present
  • Ritual Butcherer "Axe of Black Mass" (guitar) - 1989–1993, 2004–present
  • Sinister Karppinen (drums) - 2005–present

Former members[edit]

  • Blood Desecrator "Bombardment" (drums) - 1989–1993
  • Leneth the Unholy Carnager (drums) - 2004-2005


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