Ardent-class destroyer

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HMS Ardent
HMS Ardent
Class overview
Name: Ardent class
Builders: Thornycroft, Church Wharf, Chiswick
Operators:  Royal Navy
Preceded by: Ferret class
Succeeded by: Charger class
In commission: 1894–1918
Completed: 3
Lost: 1
Retired: 2
General characteristics
Type: Torpedo boat destroyer
Displacement: 265 long tons (269 t)
Length: 200 ft (61 m)

The Ardent-class torpedo boat destroyers ("Thornycroft 27-knot (50 km/h) A class") served with the Royal Navy. Built by Thornycroft, they displaced 265 tons, and were 200 feet (61 m) long.

The Ardent-class were, except for their armament, identical to the preceding Daring class,[1] being armed with one 12-pounder quick-firing gun forward and five 6-pounder guns, mounted on the broadside and aft, and two torpedo tubes on a revolving mount abaft the two funnels.[2]


  • Ardent, launched 16 October 1894, sold 1911.
  • Boxer, launched 28 November 1894, lost in collision 8 February 1918.
  • Bruizer, launched 27 February 1895, sold 26 May 1914.


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