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Ardu copter logosm.png
Developer(s) DIY Drones team
Stable release
3.4.6 / March 15, 2017
Operating system Cross-platform Windows, macOS, Linux
Type Unmanned aerial vehicle
License GPLv3

ArduCopter is an open-source multicopter unmanned aerial vehicle platform created by the DIY Drones community based on the Arduino platform.[1][2]

ArduCopter runs on the Pixhawk and Ardupilot Mega (APM 1 and APM 2) autopilot systems created by DIY Drones and sold by 3D Robotics.[3][4]

The free software approach from ArduCopter is similar to that of the Paparazzi Project and PX4 autopilot where low cost and availability enables its hobbyist use in small remotely piloted aircraft such as micro air vehicles and miniature UAVs.

Original Unboxing ArduCopter by Chris Anderson[5] by Jani Hirvinen and his team at DIYDrones was released in August 2010.

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