Arif Heralić

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Arif Heralić
YUD 10 1981 obverse.jpg
Arif Heralić on the 10 dinara banknote.
Born(1922-05-05)5 May 1922
Died17 June 1971(1971-06-17) (aged 49)
Occupationblast furnace worker
Known forBeing on a banknote

Arif Heralić (5 May 1922 – 17 June 1971)[1] was a Bosnian Roma metal worker on a blast furnace in Zenica. He had 11 children and issues with alcoholism and mental illness.[2] As a disabled worker, Heralić died in extreme poverty in 1971.[1]

Banknote and iconography[edit]

Heralić on an official 2013 Subversive Festival T-shirt, worn here by Slavoj Žižek

His picture was taken by N. Bibić, a Borba news photographer, in 1954[2] and from the papers he came to feature on a 1,000 Yugoslav dinar banknote issued from 1955 to 1981, re-dominated to ten new dinars since 1965. He is still (as of 2013) popular as an icon of industrial worker in the former Yugoslavia.

A later banknote shows Alija Sirotanović.

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