Romani people in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Romani people in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Muslim Gypsies from Bosnia, illustration, 1901.jpg
Muslim Roma in Bosnia (around 1900)
Total population
8,864 (1991 census)
Romani, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Sunni Islam,
Roman Catholicism,
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Romani people
Flag of the Romani people

There have been Romani people in Bosnia and Herzegovina for more than 600 years. According to the 1991 census, there were 8,864 Romani in Bosnia and Herzegovina or 0.2% of the population.

Historical data[edit]

Municipalities with a significant Romani minority

Rousseau, the French consul in Bosnia estimated in 1866 a number of 9,965 or 1.1% of the population. Johann Roskiewicz estimated in 1867 the number of the Gypsies in Bosnia at 9,000 (1.2%) and in Herzegovina at 2,500 (1.1%), resulting a sum of 11,500 Romani. The 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica mentions 18,000 Romani in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1.6%).


Important communities are living in Brčko, Bijeljina, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla, Kakanj, Prijedor, Zenica and Teslić.

Notable Bosnian Roma[edit]

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