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Ariobarzanes (Ancient Greek: Ἀριοβαρζάνης, from Old Iranian *Ārya-bṛzāna-, literally "exalting the Aryans"; in Elamite: Har-ri-pir-tan, from Old Iranian *Āriya-bṛdāna-; in Parthian: 𐭀𐭓𐭉𐭁𐭓𐭆𐭍 Arya-barzā̆n) is a male given name.

Persian satraps[edit]

  • Ariobarzanes of Phrygia (fl. 407 BC – 362 BC), Persian satrap of Phrygia who led an unsuccessful revolt against the King Artaxerxes II
  • Ariobarzanes, Satrap of Persis (fl. 368 BC – 330 BC), Persian satrap of Persis who fought against Alexander the Great at the Battle of the Persian Gate as Alexander's forces were making their way to Persepolis in 330 BC

Kings or satraps of the Mithridatic dynasty that ruled Pontus[edit]

Kings of Cappadocia[edit]

Kings and Monarchs of Media Atropatene and Armenia[edit]

  • Ariobarzanes I of Media Atropatene, ruled from 65 BC to 56 BC, father and predecessor of Artavasdes I of Media Atropatene
  • Ariobarzanes II of Atropatene, grandson of Ariobarzanes I, king of Media Atropatene from 20 BC to 8 BC, and king of Armenia from 2 BC to AD 4
  • Gaius Julius Ariobarzanes I (flourished second half of 1st century BC & first half of 1st century), son of Ariobarzanes II and grandson of Artavasdes I
  • Gaius Julius Ariobarzanes II, possible son of Gaius Julius Ariobarzanes I and possible grandson of Ariobarzanes II of Atropatene