Arirang geuhu iyagi

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Arirang geuhu iyagi
Hanja 아리랑 그 이야기
Revised Romanization Arirang geu hu iyagi
McCune–Reischauer Arirang kŭ hu iyagi
Directed by Lee Koo-yeong
Produced by Lee Koo-yeong
Written by Na Woon-gyu, Lee Koo-yeong
Starring Na Woon-gyu
Lee Woon-kyu
Yoon Bong-choon
Lim Song-suh
Namgung Woon
Cinematography Lee Myeong-woo
Edited by Lee Myeong-woo
Distributed by Won Bang Kak Production
Release date
  • January 13, 1930 (1930-01-13)
Language Silent film
Korean intertitles
Budget 3,000 won

Arirang geuhu iyagi (아리랑 그 후 이야기 literally A Story of the Day after Arirang aka 아리알 후편, Arirang hu pyeon, aka Arirang 2) is a 1930 Korean film written by and starring Na Woon-gyu. It premiered at Dan Sung Sa Theater in downtown Seoul.


In this sequel to Arirang (1926), Choi Yeong-jin, the mentally ill lead character of the first film, returns home from prison to find his father and sister deep in debt. The film ends with Young-jin again being sent to prison for murder. How sad.

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