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Aris Agios Konstantinos (Άρης Αγίου Κωνσταντίνου) is a sporting club in the town of Agios Konstantinos in Fthiotida, Greece. It was created in 1931 and took the name from Aris, a soccer club from Thessaloniki who won the championship that year. Their greatest time in history was their participation in the National Second Division twice.


The team participated 11 times in the lower levels of the national championships, the team won the Fthiotida local championship seven times.

Beta Ethniki (Second Division)[edit]

The team participated in the division in the 1961–62 season, when they were fourth group of the "northern group", they were finished 8th with 15 points and during the 1970–71 season, when they were playing in the Second Group, they finished 18th with 46 points.

National Amateur Championships (now the Third Division)[edit]

The team participated for two years during the 1977–78 season in the 3rd Group (ranked 6th with 44 points) and in the 1978–79 season again in the 3rd Group with 19th place with 18 points.

Delta Ethniki (Fourth Division)[edit]

The team participated 7 times in the Fourth Division, here were the results:

Season Group Place Points
1989–90 3rd 15th 31
1990–91 5th 8th 47
1991–92 8th 14th 37
1993–94 8th 6th 57
1994–95 5th 14th 40
2006–07 4th 3th[clarification needed] 51
2007–08 4th 14th 42

Local championships[edit]

Aris won the championship 5 times in the Fthiotida-Fokida (Phocis) Championship (1968, 1969, 1970, 1972 and 1977), and twice in the Fthiotida Championship (1989 and 2006).

2011–12 season[edit]

In 2012, Aris with coach Kostas Tsikas got their Fthiotida FCA cup for their first time.[1]


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