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Marianne Martindale (Catherine Tyrell, Mari de Colwyn) is an English writer and columnist.[1] As Miss Martindale, she was a prominent public face of Aristasia, an all-female subculture inspired by the Traditionalist School and early twentieth-century culture, many members of which attended a "school" at her West London home.[1] Aristasia is a feminine version of the Greek word aristos, which means 'the best'.[2] Martindale received national attention in the British press in the 1990s for her advocacy of corporal punishment.[3]


Martindale's writings include The Female Disciplinary Manual, Disciplined Ladies and other stories, and The District Governess, published by The Wildfire Club, which Martindale co-founded.[1] From 2003 to 2005, Martindale wrote the Ladies' Column in The Chap magazine and was Aristasia's media representative. She discontinued this in accordance with the then-nascent Bridgehead Doctrine, which discourages Aristasians from publicly commenting on "foreign" (i.e. Earth) culture and politics.[4]

Attention in the press[edit]

Martindale is known for her practice and advocacy of corporal punishment, with a related 1992 conviction for actual bodily harm.[1] This led to criticism from some Aristasians, who felt that in the public eye she was associating the movement too much with its minor disciplinary aspect. Some non-Aristasians have characterized Aristasia as an "S/M fantasy group" as a result of this. However, Martindale's recorded statements and interviews made clear her dislike of S/M, and her belief in discipline as spiritual and purifying.

Some British newspapers, notably The Guardian, criticized Martindale for her correspondence with John Tyndall of the far-right British National Party,[1] but Martindale always maintained that, as an Aristasian, she was neutral on matters of "Tellurian" (i.e. Earth) politics. Martindale is a royalist and imperialist, but with loyalty only to the Aristasian monarchy and empire.


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