Armed Forces Engineering Authority (Egypt)

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Armed Forces Engineering Authority is one of the Egyptian Ministry of Defense agencies.


  • Contribute in the areas of development in Egypt and the establishment of major development projects
  • Contribute to remove the effects of local disasters and crises
  • Participation of in the aftermath of a major disaster to remove the effects (to reconstruct)[1]
  • Participation in infrastructure and construction of bridges, roads and fields
  • Participation in education by building schools
  • Participation in the fields of psychology and clearing of land mines and explosive remnants of war
  • Participation in the areas of political development and the development of sports facilities
  • Supply the civil sector effective cadres
  • Participation in the area of economic housing[2]
  • General planning of cities and the creation of Bedouin villages and Nubian houses
  • Remove the effects of disasters and floods and earthquakes, removing bombs and booby traps


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