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Armine von Tempski (or Tempsky) (1892, Maui, Hawaiian Islands – December 2, 1943, Fresno, California) was an American writer[1][2] and one of Hawaii's best known authors.[3][4] She was a granddaughter of Gustavus von Tempsky.[1]

Armine Von Tempski's autobiographies and novels were based on her early life among the Hawaiian cowboys (paniolos) on the Haleakala cattle ranch[5] atop the Haleakalā shield volcano. The Haleakala Ranch, which Jack London first visited in 1907,[6] was his favourite[7] of the Hawaiian ranches he enjoyed on several extended visits with his wife Charmian. The young Armine, then sixteen years old,[8] asked London to read some of her stories and give his opinion. He said that they were “clumsy, incoherent tripe” but added that “every so often there’s a streak of fire on your pages,”[8] which encouraged her. Her first published writing, in the early 1920s,[3] was about efforts to restore the island of Kahoolawe after years of drought and overgrazing.

She married California real estate agent[1] Alfred Lathrop Ball on December 25, 1932 in Ventura County, California.[9] They were friends of poet Don Blanding,[10] who illustrated von Tempski's book, Ripe Breadfruit (New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1935).

Note: While Von Tempski's year of birth is sometimes given[11] or presumed[12] as 1899, it is given as 1892 in most source texts.


The Ox Bow Press in Woodbridge, Connecticut publishes reprint editions of von Tempski's books.[13]



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