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Armored Task Force is a hyper-realistic computer wargame developed by ProSIM Company and published by Shrapnel Games. The lead developer was ProSIM Company founder, Pat Proctor. It is a modern combat simulation and includes four campaigns, set in Death Valley, at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA, in a hypothetical World War III in the Fulda Gap, and in a hypothetical war in Iraq (the game was created before Operation Iraqi Freedom). The game built on the innovative pausable real time gameplay (which allows players to evaluate the big picture and issue orders while the game is paused) of its predecessor, BCT Commander.[1] It also introduced a revolutionary friendly AI and hierarchy system that allowed the player to command his forces at any level from the individual vehicle to the battalion level.

The game engine for Armored Task Force spawned an entire series of ProSIM games, including The Falklands War: 1982 (developed by Gary Bezant)[2] and Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War[3] and The Star and the Crescent (developed by Curt Pangracs).[4] The game engine was also the foundation for ProSIM's Air Assault Task Force, its next generation engine.



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