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Army Intelligence Centre
Hærens Efterretningscenter
HEC logo.png
Coat of Arms
Active1 March 2014
Country Denmark
BranchFlag of Denmark (state).svg Royal Danish Army
TypeArmy Intelligence
Part ofArmy Staff
Motto(s)Viden er Styrke (Knowledge is Strength)
Stable beltStable belt HEC
Ceremonial chiefHM The Queen of Denmark
Colonel of
the Regiment
Lars Kristian Küseler [2]

The Danish Army Intelligence Centre (Danish: Hærens Efterretningscenter, HEC), is a collection of all intelligence units, created by the Danish Defence Agreement 2013-2017. It was created after lessons learned in Afghanistan and Iraq.[3] HEC, apart from army intelligence, also supports the army's NCO school with administrative, logistical and financial support.[4]


1 Military Intelligence Battalion[4]
  • Staff 1 MIBTN.
  • 1st HUMINT/UAS company.
  • 2nd CIMIC/PSYOPS company.
  • 3rd EW company, physically placed at Ryes Kaserne in Fredericia.
  • 4th Basic Training Company (Conscript).
2 Military Intelligence Battalion
  • Staff 2 MIBTN.
  • Intelligence Fusion Cell
    • Collection, Coordination & Intelligence Requirements Management section (CCIRM).
    • All Source Analysis Cell (ASAC).
    • Exploitation section (TECHINT).
  • Counterintelligence and Security section.
  • Interpreting Section.
  • All-Source Intelligence Cells x3 (ASIC).


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