Arnold Marc Gorter

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Gorter in his workshop in 1903, photograph by Sigmund Löw

Arnold Marc Gorter (1866, Almelo – 1933, Amsterdam), was a 19th-century landscape painter from the Northern Netherlands.


According to the RKD he was a pupil of August Allebé and Pierre Cuypers at the Rijksnormaalschool voor Teekenonderwijzers in Amsterdam in 1888, and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten there in (1889-1891).[1] He was a member of the Pulchri studio and Arti et Amicitiae.[1] A president of the artists' association Arti et Amicitiae, he was a favorite of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina.[2]

Gorter is known for landscapes and won a gold medal at the Paris salon in 1910.[1] In 1922 he accompanied Wilhelmina of the Netherlands on a trip to Norway as her painting teacher.[1] Other less famous pupils of Gorter were Marinus Bies, Carel Lodewijk Dake, his niece Hinke Gorter, Maria Elisabeth van Hengel, Albertus Gerhard Hulshoff Pol, Johan Meijer(1885-1970), Leendert Johan Muller, and Henri van Os-Delhez.[1]

Works of Art[3][edit]

November mood, 1905, collection Teylers Museum
  • A Brook In A Forest
  • A Cowherdress With Her Cattle
  • A Forest Pond
  • A Moonlit Winterlandscape
  • A Mother and Child Strolling Along a Waterway
  • A Stream in Snow Covered Woods
  • A View of the Vordense Beek
  • A View of the Vordense Beek 2
  • An Autumn Landscape, Vordense Beek
  • An Autumn Landscape 2
  • An Orchard in Spring
  • Autumn
  • Birch Trees in Autumn
  • Birches Along the Vordense Beek
  • Birches in Autumn
  • Brook in a Forest
  • Canal Landscape With Trees
  • Cows Grazing Along a Stream
  • Cows Grazing By A Stream In A Wooded Landscape
  • Cows Grazing Near the Vordense Beek
  • Cows in a Forest Landscape
  • Cows in a Sunny Autumn Landscape
  • Cows on a Birchpath
  • Ducks in a Meadow, in Spring
  • Early Spring
  • Herfstgoud Beech Trees in Autumn
  • Homeward Bound
  • Homeward Bound in Winter
  • Leading the Cattle Along a Country Track
  • Sheep in a Sunny Autumn Landscape
  • The Vordense Beek
  • The Vordense Beek 2
  • The Vordense Beek 3
  • The Vordense Beek 4
  • The Vordense Beek 5
  • The Vordense Beek 6
  • The Vordense Beek in Autumn
  • The Vordense Beek in Autumn 2
  • The Vordense Beek in Winter
  • Vordense Beek Cows in a Meadow Near a Stream