Artesia Dodgers

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Artesia Dodgers
(1951-1955, 1958-1961)
Artesia, New Mexico
  • Class-D (1958-1961)
  • Class-C (1951-1955)
Minor league affiliations
League Sophomore League (1958-1961)
Previous leagues
Longhorn League (1951-1955)
Major league affiliations
Minor league titles
League titles 1 (1954)
Team data
Previous names
  • Artesia Dodgers (1961)
  • Artesia Giants (1958-1960)
  • Artesia Numexers (1954-1955)
  • Artesia Drillers (1951-1953)

The Artesia Dodgers were a minor league baseball team based in Artesia, New Mexico. They were an affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers during their one season of existence in 1961. They finished 48-78 in the Sophomore League under manager Spider Jorgensen.

Before becoming the Dodgers, they were a San Francisco Giants affiliate known as the Artesia Giants from 1958-1960.

A previous team, known as the Artesia Drillers and later the Artesia Numexers played in the Longhorn League from 1951-1955.

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