Arthur Ernest Hagg

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Arthur Ernest Hagg
Died(1985-01-21)21 January 1985
OccupationAircraft designer
Known forresponsible for the designs of the de Havilland DH.88 Comet racer, Albatross, Express and Airspeed Ambassador airliners

Arthur Ernest Hagg (1888 – 21 January 1985[1]) was a British aircraft and boat designer.

He was born in Brighton and educated in Bournemouth. He started work for Airco in 1915, aged 27, and worked as a draftsman on the DH4 in 1916. He transferred to the de Havilland Aircraft company (Stag Lane) when it was created in 1920.[2][3]

At de Havilland he invented the differential ailerons used on the Tiger Moth and other de Havilland aircraft[4] eventually becoming chief designer. In this role he was responsible for the designs of the DH88 Comet racer and of the Albatross and the Express airliners.[1]

Hagg became interested in boat building and in early 1937 he resigned his position as director and chief designer at de Havilland to set up the Walton Yacht Works.[3] In November of that year he also became a consultant with D Napier and Son, Ltd., carrying out the preliminary design work on the Napier-Heston Racer, a wooden aircraft powered by a 2,450 horsepower (1,830 kW) Napier Sabre engine and designed to break the world airspeed record.[5][6] In January 1943 he joined Airspeed Ltd. as technical director and was responsible for the Airspeed Ambassador (BEA Elizabethan).[7][8] He retired in 1947.[9]


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