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Illustration by Arthur Ferrier of Agatha Christie's detective pair Tommy and Tuppence, from the December 1923 issue of The Grand Magazine

Arthur Ferrier (1891 – 27 May 1973) was a Scottish artist, illustrator and cartoonist.

Ferrier was born and started work in Glasgow, Scotland as an analytical chemist. He freelanced as a cartoonist for the Daily Record there. He moved to London and drew joke cartoons for a number of weekly magazines, including Punch, The Humorist and London Opinion.

In 1930,he produced a weekly strip glamour cartoon called "Film Fanny". A London paper, the Sunday Pictorial, published his glamour drawing under the title "Our Dumb Blonde", which ran from 1939 to 1946. A comic strip called "Spotlight on Sally" in the Pictorial was followed by another called "Eve".

In addition to his printed work, Ferrier also painted during World War I. Some of this work is in the collection of the Imperial War Museum in London. He also produced a set of drawings used on sets of china ware from the Royal Albert China Collections.

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