Arthur the Chimpanzee

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This article is about the chimpanzee, you may be looking for the aardvark.

Arthur the Chimpanzee is a character created by Lillian Hoban. His books are part of the, "I Can Read" series from HarperCollins publishers. Characters include his sister Violet, his baby-sitter, and friends: Norman, Mabel, Wilma, his teacher Ms. Wilson, and his principal Mr. Adams. His parents have been mentioned but are never seen in any stories.[1] Books include:

  1. Arthur's Honey Bear
  2. Arthur's Pen Pal
  3. Arthur's Loose Tooth
  4. Arthur's Prize Reader
  5. Arthur's Camp-Out
  6. Arthur's Funny Money
  7. Arthur's Christmas Cookies
  8. Arthur's Halloween Costume
  9. Arthur's Great Big Valentine
  10. Arthur's Back-to-School Day
  11. Arthur's Birthday Party


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