Artifact (album)

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Artifact (The Electric Prunes album).jpeg
Studio album by The Electric Prunes
Released October 31, 2001
Recorded 1999-2001
Genre Psychedelic rock, garage rock, hard rock
Label Heartbeat
Producer Billy Corgan
The Electric Prunes chronology
Just Good Old Rock and Roll

Artifact is the sixth studio album by The Electric Prunes, released in 2002. It was their first studio album since 1969. The album is said to be the "real third" album by the band since past developments did not include material by the actual group. Sleeve notes state it "was the album we never got to make". This album is a return to most of the band's original sixties lineup.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lost Dream"
  2. "7 and 7 Is"
  3. "Big Stick"
  4. "The Dream I Had Last Night"
  5. "Bullet Thru the Backseat"
  6. "Phone Won't Ring"
  7. "All About Wires"
  8. "Devil's Candy"
  9. "Analog Life"
  10. "Mujo 22"
  11. "Castaway"
  12. "Le Fire"
  13. "Halloween Ending"
  14. "Hard Time"
  15. "Slobodon"


  • James Lowe - vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
  • Ken Williams - lead guitar
  • Mark Moulin - lead guitar
  • Mark Tulin - bass
  • Cameron Lowe - keyboards
  • Joe Dooley - drums
Additional Personnel
  • Michael "Quint" Weakley - drums
  • Mike Vasquez - drums
  • Jim Grippo - dotar