Artillery Duel

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Artillery Duel
Artiller Duel Atari 2600 screenshot1.png
Atari 2600 screenshot
Developer(s)Perkins Engineering
Programmer(s)Atari 2600
Mike Schwartz[1]
Jerry Brinson[1]
Platform(s)Astrocade, Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, VIC-20.
Atari 2600
Genre(s)Artillery game

Artillery Duel is a artillery game originally written for the Bally Astrocade by Perkins Engineering and published by Bally in 1982. Xonox published ports for the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, and VIC-20. Artillery Duel was featured in several double-ended cartridges—with one game on each end—as well as in a single cartridge.


The game consists of dueling cannons on either side of a hill or mountain of varying height and shape. Each player has control of the incline and force behind the shell launched, the objective being to score a direct hit on the opposing target. Where many versions gave the player a few tries on the same course, Artillery Duel switches to a new mountain after each turn. When the player does manage to hit the opposing cannon, the reward is a brief animation of comically marching soldiers at the bottom of the screen.


Danny Goodman of Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games said after visiting the summer 1982 Consumer Electronics Show that "the cleverest graphics award goes to Artillery Duel" for the Bally Astrocade, describing it as "really a graphics showpiece with a little bit of player interaction thrown in".[3]

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