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Artist Growth
Artist Growth Wide Logo.png
Type of site
Music Business/Management
Launched January 17, 2012
Current status active

Artist Growth is an app and cloud-based platform that launched a prototype in 2012 for the independent music industry.[1] Artist Growth launched it's desktop version in March 2013 as "a redesign that aims to make clients of major management companies.".[2] It uses proprietary technology[3] to provide musicians and their business teams with a permission-based platform for end to end event management, finance tracking & reporting, tasks, and merchandise venue sales.[4] In addition, Artist Growth has developed an API that is bringing unprecedented interoperability to the industry, allowing artists and their management/business management teams to receive data feeds directly from systems of partners such as talent agencies and promoters.[5] The company also inked a deal with to allow BMI members to submit set lists in order to collect compensation for performance royalties.[6]

Artist Growth was founded by musicians-turned-entrepreneurs Matt Urmy and Jonathan Sexton and is available as an app on both Android and iPhone.[7]


Artist Growth won the title of Best Music App by MTV's O Music Awards[8] and was named Gizmodo's App of the Day in 2012.[5]


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