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Arturo Bonet Polledo (? – ?) was a Spanish chess master.

Bonet lived in Asturias, an autonomous community within the kingdom of Spain. In 1936, he participated in Barcelona la Olimpiada Obrera, as a replicate of The 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, organised by Nazis.[1]

He tied for 6-7th at Gijón 1944 (the 1st International Tournament, Alexander Alekhine won),[2][3] took 7th at Gijon 1945 (the 2nd it, won by Antonio Rico), but won an individual game against Alekhine.[4] Bonet had already beat Alekhine in a simultan game at Madrid 1923.[5] He took 12th at Gijón 1949 (the 6th it, Nicolas Rossolimo won).[6][7] and twice took 3rd in Asturias championships in 1952 and 1955.[8]