Arya (2007 film)

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Arya (2007 film).jpg
Directed by Balasekaran
Produced by Manoj Kumar
Vijay Anandan
Written by S. Rajkumar
Starring Madhavan
Prakash Raj
Music by Mani Sharma
Cinematography K. V. Guhan
Edited by V. Jaisankar
Release dates
  • 10 August 2007 (2007-08-10)
Running time
155 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Aarya is a 2007 Tamil film directed by Balasekaran. The film starred Madhavan, Bhavana, Prakash Raj, Vadivelu, Praveen Kumar, Tejashree and Devan in major roles. The film's music was composed by Mani Sharma. It was dubbed in Hindi as My Dear Big B (2007).


Deepika (Bhavana) is an arrogant rich girl. A medical college student, she dictates terms at the college. Sister of local don Kasi (Prakash Raj), she is feared by students, professors and even the Dean of the College. Enter Aarya (Madhavan), a final year student who comes to Chennai Medical College from Coimbatore. A soft-spoken Aarya runs into Deepika. They develop cold shoulders. In a fit of rage, she kidnaps Aarya's sister. But Aarya faces her challenges daringly. However, she soon falls in love with him. But he is not ready to marry the sister of a ruffian. The remaining story tells us how the brother and sister put pressure on Aarya to become a rowdy so that Aarya's status is equal enough as Kasi's status so that Aarya can marry Kasi's sister Deepika.

Meanwhile, "Snake" Babu (Vadivelu) is elected the area councillor, and has a few encounters with Dr. Aarya, and one with Deepika. He is the main source of comic relief for the film.



The film got negative reviews. gave 1.5/5 saying "It lacks in tight screenplay and coherent narration".[1]


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